Saturday, November 21, 2009

Photo Opportunities for November

Remember to check and charge your camera batteries this
weekend, we do not want to miss any photos of family and
friends. This is a great time to figure out the timer on your
camera and put it to good use for a family group shot. We
have ideas to share with you on adding a photo or a few photos
to your holiday cards. Grab your camera and a tripod (or a
friend) and snap away to get some great shots to work with.
The timer symbol usually looks like this

You will want to get some shots of these things too...
Thanksgiving Preparations
The Shopping List
The Baking and Yummy Foods
The Table and Home Decorations
Dinner on the Table
The Leftovers Piled High in the Fridge
Everyone Recovering after the Meal
Family Fun and Traditions
Outdoor Play and Activities
Fall Leaves and Autumn Scenes

Remember to capture all this and more this month.
Don't forget to jot down some notes about what
Thanksgiving means to you and your family and
of course the things you are all thankful for. We
hope you make lots of fun memories and have a
wonderful Thanksgiving!

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