Friday, December 18, 2009

Photo Opportunities for December

Remember to check and charge your camera batteries this weekend. We do not want to miss any photos of family and friends that may come by. This is a great time to figure out the macro setting on your camera and put it to good use for the little details of Christmas time.

The macro symbol usually looks like this

Try it out on some ornaments or decorations around the house. Remember your camera has a minimum focusing distance. That means you can only get so close to something without it going out of focus. If you are using your zoom, you may have to back up just a little. You will get used to your camera with some practice. Some cameras have a super macro too. That one lets you get really close, sometimes within about an inch of something. Remember to take your camera out of the macro setting when you start taking regular distance photos and snapshots of the family.

You will want to get some shots of these things too...

Holiday Wrapping and Preparations

Shopping List(s) and Wish List(s)

Gifts under the Tree

Decorating Cookies and Santa's Plate of Cookies

Everyone in their Pajamas Christmas Eve

Family Traditions

Singing, Playing Games and Watching Holiday Movies

Holiday Cards you Received or Sent

Holiday Decorations - Table, Outside and Inside Decor

Letter to Santa and Visiting Santa

Remember to take lots of photos and don't forget to jot down notes for your scrapbooks. Take some photos of people unwrapping gifts. If someone sent you something or gave you a gift, send the photo of the unwrapping in a thank you note. We hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a great Holiday Season!

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Carla said...

Sweet!! I really need to creatively use my camera more, thanks for all of your great tips and tricks!