Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Photo Opportunities for January

Welcome to 2010...Remember to set a day each week or so to check and charge your camera batteries. There is nothing worse than going to your camera bag only to find a dead camera. So let's make it a routine to clean it, check it and have it with us at all times. We have important moments to document and photo opps every day. So if you plan to take a daily photo, weekly photos or special events you will be ready.

Have you gotten some snow pictures? We have a great paper line, Frosted by Fancy Pants, that's perfect for all that snowy fun. We will be posting some layouts in our slider soon.

Photos on our list of must haves are:
Coats and Boots by the Door
Everyone Bundled Up
Movie Night / Football Night
Photo of Yourself for "Your Book of Me Scrapbook" you do have one right??

January is National :
Hobby Month - Make a layout about your hobby/hobbies
Volunteer Blood Donor Month - Make a layout with some of the fun Twilight inspired papers
Soup and Tea Month - Take some comfort food photos and scrap about your favorites
Radio Month - Take note of everyone's favorite songs and do a music and lyrics page
Letter Writting Month - Write a letter to yourself or your kids in your scrapbook to be read in the future. Write about your interests, books, movies, music, clothes and trends of this time period. Take several photos of around the house with these things in them. It will be fun to look back later and reflect on how times change.

Choose a spot for a monthly photo. I take one from my back door each month. It can be the kids leaving for school, your favorite place in the yard or out a window. Just remember to take it in the same spot. It's fun to see the transitions from month to month.

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